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Long Island Pulse

10/17/14 Mobile Fashion Trucks Take Hold

“As the popularity of mobile fashion trucks continues to grow around the country and here on Long Island two fashion and design bloggers Nache Snow of and Astral Riles of are working to make it easier to the mobile boutiques. The two started the website July of this year with the hopes of bringing more exposure to mobile boutiques and to assist mobile boutique owners with necessary resources to promote their business.”



Northern Virginia Magazine

10/7/14 Fashion on Wheels: Shirlington to Host Fall Fashion Truck Event

“While the concept of mobile retail might sound strange at first – it isn’t a brand new idea, just newer to our area. If you visit, you’ll discover there is almost one in every state and quite a few based locally.”




9/5/14 Retail Therapy: JillyBean Boutique Offers Shopping Experience on Wheels

“JillyBean may be this area’s first fashion truck. There are dozens of them across the country, particularly in metro areas. The largest concentrations are on the west coast. But there are 10 in North Carolina, including JillyBean, according to





offprice logo12/15/14 Fashion Trucks Are Taking America By Storm [Guest Post]

Fashion Trucks are taking America by storm and they are the newest and most exciting way to shop. After the pop-up shop phenomenon, namely food trucks, began several years ago other business industries also began to use this as a means to sell goods. Pop-up shops have been around for over 100 years, however, it’s only this decade entrepreneurs have began taking their business mobile in beautifully decorated and gutted out refurbished trucks, campers and airstreams.



Tallook Tall Fashion Blog7/21/14 Tall Fashion in a Truck?

“Yes, you read that right. I’m not sure how many of you know about Fashion Trucks, but they are amazing! So amazing I’ve even started a site with a friend, Astral Riles, to help people find them in their state: Some of you may know them as mobile boutiques, but essentially it’s everything you can imagine related to fashion…in a truck!”



Astral Riles | Home Decor7/15/14 Home Decor Mobile Boutiques

“If you haven’t heard yet, fashion trucks a.k.a. mobile boutiques are becoming all the rage now! These fashion trucks are popping up everywhere and there are probably over 400 mobile boutiques across the U.S. The boutiques carry all sorts of items from clothing, fashion accessories, shoes, handmade and vintage items, jewelry and even home decor & furniture.

Want to learn more about fashion trucks and/or search for a mobile boutique in your area? Check out Find A Fashion Truck (FFT).”